Zen Studios to release Iron & Steel DLC pack in late February

Yesterday, Zen Studios announced they’ll be releasing a new DLC pack for their various pinball franchises entitled Iron & Steel. In recent memory, the studio has been churning out licensed tables from the likes of Marvel and Star Wars but the Iron & Steel DLC pack is comprised of original tables. The first table centers around a previous Zen Studios’ title CastleStorm and the second table is an original Wild West-centric table entitled Wild West Rampage.

The CastleStorm table features hero Sir Gareth who is still entrusted by the people of his kingdom to save them from the likes of Chief Ramhorn and his hordes of Vikings. The CastleStorm table is set in a Viking stronghold and features single and multiball modes and a larger-than-life fire breathing dragon.

The stars of the Wild West Rampage table are a bounty hunter named Cindy and Rackton Point’s crooked Sheriff Evans. Cindy knows the Sheriff and his men are up to no good and she sets her sights on putting an end to their dastardly plans. Players will enjoy this Western-table as it features a 3D Steam Engine, duels with the posse of Sheriff Evans, a six-shooter ball locker and more.

The Iron & Steel Pack will release on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PS Vita, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Steam, Mac, iOS, Android, and Amazon platforms beginning on February 24. For PC and Console gamers, the DLC will cost $4.99 and for mobile users the Iron & Steel pack costs $2.99.