A game which we had a lot of fun playing at Boston FiG 2014 was Thief Town by Glass Knuckle Games. Their new title is a multiplayer-only stealth action game with a pixelized Wild West look. Players will need to blend into the background while trying to make moves similar to the NPCs on screen. First, you’ll need to locate your character on the screen, which isn’t always easy as every character looks the same. Then players will need to try and decipher where the other players are lurking. Once you’ve zeroed in on them, it is time to plan your move to take them out. Up to four players with identical avatars can partake in the fun. Various modes include guns, smoke bombs, sheriffs, drunks, sandstorms, and more. Glass Knuckle has enabled cross-platform play which allows players on various different platforms to play against each other. Any computer or device which has Thief Town installed will be able to connect to another device.

Thief Town is out on the Humble Store for $3.99. The game is also up for voting on Steam Greenlight.