Tales from the Borderlands – Zer0 Sum is developed by Telltale Games with assistance from Gearbox Software and 2K Games. This episode will be released on November 25 and will cost $4.99. A code was given to us by Telltale Games for review purposes. The above video is the first-episode in its entirety and thus contains spoilers.

Two storied developers, Gearbox Software and Telltale Games, have teamed up to put the trademark Telltale touches on one of gaming’s most beloved franchises, Borderlands. The end result of this collaboration is Tales from the Borderlands, a five-part episodic jaunt back to Pandora. Today, the first episode entitled Zer0 Sum has dropped into gamer’s greedy hands and we think they’ll be more than pleased with the first offering.

The setting for Zer0 Sum takes place, at first, at Hyperion Headquarters located in Space and then the rest of the episode is on Pandora. The events of this episode and for the whole season take place post-Borderlands 2. A majority of the episode is centered around Rhys and Vaughn, two Hyperion underlings who are trying to pull a fast one their scumbag of a boss, Hugo Vasquez. Along the way, you’ll encounter various Pandora villains, con-artists, weirdos, and bad ass bosses. Some of the standout characters include a fault hunter named Zer0 and the sultry Fiona. In typical Borderlands fashion, the characters are eccentric, self-serving, and definitely not trustworthy.

Gearbox assisted Telltale Games with the character development but as you progress through the episode it is clear that it is classic Telltale storytelling, which is a great thing. Fans of both franchises will enjoy the familiar artwork which both are known for, as well as the user interface and control mechanisms. Telltale has tightened up the control scheme since their somewhat wonky controls on the first season of The Walking Dead. Fans of season two of The Walking Dead series will be at home with the controls in Zero Sum, but having said that they’re a little dumb downed when compared to the GOTY contender, The Wolf Among Us. The story still rules in all of Telltales games and this is no exception with Zer0 Sum. The controls are just the adequate conduit to further progress the story.

When reviewing such a story-laden episode it is tough not to reveal too much as we don’t want to reveal spoilers (Although, you can watch our complete walkthrough above). The story in episode one sets the stage nicely for the rest of the series, especially with what we saw at the very end of Zer0 Sum. It is a decent amount of content to digest in approximately a two-hour and fifteen minute experience so therefore another playthrough might be recommended. As we finished episode one, we were left wanting more and the sooner the better. Zer0 Sum is a beautifully crafted episode with clever storytelling in familiar surroundings. Packaged together with the trademarks of two of the industry’s most distinguished developers, players will leave more than satisfied with their purchase.