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Over 9000 Zombies – PC Review

Over 9000 Zombies is a top down twin stick shooter developed by Loren Lemcke and published by Mastertronic.  The game began as a Steam Early Access title on 7/2/14.  This review is based on V0.1.6.0 which was released on 10/30/14. […]

New DLC for State of Decay

Earlier this week, Undead Labs announced on their site that they have finalized the name and logo for their second expansion pack for State of Decay. The name of the new DLC is called “State of Decay: Lifeline“. At the […]

New Dying Light Trailer On Tuesday, Techland and Warner Brothers released a trailer entitled “Humanity” for their upcoming first-person action survival horror game, Dying Light. The trailer showcases the effects of living in the harsh conditions of a “zombie-infested” area. The day-in and […]

How to Survive review

How to Survive was developed by EKO Software and published by 505 Games. The game was released on October 23, 2013 for PC, XBLA, and PSN for $14.99. A review code for the PC version was provided for review purposes. […]

How to Survive: Mother Knows Best trailer

EKO Software and 505 Games have released another trailer for their recent release, How to Survive.  For our past coverage on How to Survive, click here. “When it comes to survival and fighting off zombies do you stick to the […]

Online story co-op headed to How to Survive

In response to feedback from the How to Survive community, 505 Games and EKO Software announced yesterday that their brand new release, How to Survive, will be receiving a patch for the PC come December 2013. In this patch, the […]

How to Survive releases tomorrow

Like State of Decay and Dead Island before it, How to Survive is yet another entry into the zombie survival genre. How to Survive is a third-person action adventure game where players live on a cluster of islands. An outbreak […]