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Tango Fiesta – Early Access Preview (PC)

Tango Fiesta was released for Steam Early Access on June 4,2014. Developed by Spilt Milk Studios and published by Mastertronic. An early access code was provided for preview purposes. Tango Fiesta is a co-operative twin stick shooter for up to […]

Quick Look w/the Cap’n – Tango Fiesta (PC)

CapnMikeM plays through a level off Spilt Milk Studio’s Tango Fiesta. If you like rogue-like twin stick shooters that harken back to the 80’s, this is your game. Tango Fiesta is developed by Spilt Milk Studios and published by Mastertronic. […]

Tango Fiesta out now on Steam Early Access

As we reported a few weeks back, today is the day Mastertronic and Spilt Milk release Tango Fiesta on Steam Early Access. Tango Fiesta is a top down twin-stick co-op shooter loosely based on over-the-top moments of 80s action films. […]

Tango Fiesta lands on Steam Early Access June 4

Starting on June 4th, players will be able to get their hands on Tango Fiesta via Steam Early Access. The game is a top down, co-op twin stick shooter that can be played with up to four players. Tango Fiesta […]