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Gamers In Beta Podcast 195: Double Your Length

Direct Download to Episode 195 A rare Monday night recording…sorry for the 1 day delay and Welcome to Episode 195 of the Gamers In Beta podcast. Microsoft is slowly cranking up the hype machine for the next console release, so […]

Gamers In Beta Podcast 194: Touching Quickly

Direct Download to Episode 194 Every now and again, you need to take a week off to re-evaluate whether or not this is worth doing anymore. Well, last week we had one of those weeks. We think a week off […]

PAX East 2017: Hands-on with Snake Pass from Sumo Digital

Sumo Digital is largely known as a studio that has worked on franchises such as Forza Horizon, Little Big Planet, Sonic, Crackdown, and now Snake Pass. Having met David Dino of the Sumo Digital team, he informed us that Snake […]