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Over 9000 Zombies – PC Review

Over 9000 Zombies is a top down twin stick shooter developed by Loren Lemcke and published by Mastertronic.  The game began as a Steam Early Access title on 7/2/14.  This review is based on V0.1.6.0 which was released on 10/30/14. […]

Blue Estate Review

Blue Estate was released on June 25th, 2014 for the PS4. The game was developed by He-Saw. A download code was provided for review purposes. Blue Estate is an arcade on-rail shooter, akin to House of the Dead, Area 51, […]

Call of Duty Ghosts Multiplayer Review Xbox One/PS4

I originally played Call of Duty Ghosts on the Xbox 360 on day one release. I had many mixed emotions with the game and coming from Black Ops 2 which I really enjoyed, it had a lot to prove. Generally I am […]