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Costume Quest 2 review – PC

Costume Quest 2 was released on October 7th, for the PC. A PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One version will be released later this month. The game was developed by Double Fine Productions. A PC download code was provided for […]

Divinity: Original Sin now releasing in the Spring

Yesterday, Larian Studios released a new trailer for Divinity: Original Sin as well as announcing a new launch time frame. The game is now set to release sometime in the Spring of 2014. According to their press release, this extra […]

New Starpoint Gemini 2 Screenshots

Last week, Little Green Men (LGM games) provided an update for their upcoming space sim Starpoint Gemini 2. Published by Iceberg Interactive the game is currently in Alpha and is playable with an Early Access purchase on GameStop or GameFly’s […]

Gain access to Dungeon Defenders II Pre-Alpha

Trendy Entertainment has launched a new blog for Dungeon Defenders II. Every Tuesday and Friday, they’ll be giving away access codes for Dungeon Defenders II, which is in pre-alpha. Gamers can also garner codes via their Facebook page, as long […]

Chapter 3 of Blackguards now available via Steam

Last week, Daedalic Entertainment released Chapter 3 of their RPG from The Dark Eye series, Blackguards. The game is in Early Access and Daedalic is releasing this story one chapter at a time until all five chapters are released. The […]

A visit to the Daedalic Dungeons – Blackguards Developer Diary

Daedalic Releases First Blackguard Dev Diary for Early Access Users on Steam. “Blackguards is a turn-based RPG with strategic combat and combines Daedalic’s high standards of storytelling and unique characters with thrilling action and an elaborate 3D environment. Challenging quests lead […]

The Banner Saga Announce Trailer

The Banner Saga is a game which was successfully funded through a Kickstarter campaign last year. Stogic games, which is made up of a team of three EX-Bioware employees,  has now partnered with Versus Evil to release this “epic role-playing […]

Blackguards to be available via Steam Early Access

Blackguards to be available via Steam Early Access on Nov 07, 2013 For those that like their turn-based RPGs, there is good news afoot. Daedalic’s Blackguards will enter early access on Steam, three months before launch, on November 7th. As […]