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Gamers In Beta Podcast: PAX East 2016 – Day 1 Wrap Up

Direct Download to PAX East 2016 – Day 1 Wrap Up PAX East 2016 – Day 1 Wrap Up Participants: Gamers In Beta: – Mike @Capnmikem – Jay @Maineac17 – Corey @Catwo0d The OMG Hour: – Sean @Xiantayne – Tycko […]

Gamers In Beta Podcast 144: Can I Get Some Cross Play

Direct Download to Episode 144 The stars aligned perfectly this week, as we were able to get the all of the usual suspects on one show together. Highlights of this week’s episode are discussions around cross-play, PlayStation VR, and PlayStation […]

Gamers In Beta Podcast 134: Profane Existence

Direct Download to Episode 134 Episode 134 of the Gamers In Beta Podcast brings us back to our regular scheduled programming for 2016. Joined by Chris (HolyHeadshot) of Everyday Gamers,  CapnMikeM, Jay, and Corey discuss VR, Fallout 4, Star Wars […]