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Gamers In Beta Podcast 209: Beat it for Hours

Direct Download to Episode 209 Here we are with Episode 209 of the Gamers In Beta podcast. With a certain co-host leaving the show and another on a leave of absence, we carry on to deliver you a quality 3-man […]

Gamers In Beta Podcast 203: E3 2017 Part 1

Direct Download to Episode 203 For gamers, the E3 week is really like Christmas in June. So many announcements, and of course, with new releases comes varied opinions. For Episode 203 of the Gamers In Beta podcast, we brought in […]

Gamers In Beta Podcast 066: Anything Not American

Host of the Gamers In Beta Podcast, CapnMikeM, is joined by MAINEac17 and Kailon791 on Episode 66! New Releases for week of 8/26 – Dark Souls II: Crown of the Old Iron King DLC Madden NFl ‘15 Metro Redux Infamous: First Light […]