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Gamers In Beta Podcast 209: Beat it for Hours

Direct Download to Episode 209 Here we are with Episode 209 of the Gamers In Beta podcast. With a certain co-host leaving the show and another on a leave of absence, we carry on to deliver you a quality 3-man […]

Gamers In Beta Podcast 097: Don’t Spoil the Leaks

Direct Download to Episode 97 Episode 97 is a burner as CapnMikeM and MAINEac17 tear through the show at an unprecedented clip. Or maybe in actuality the both of them are rested for once so they were able to think and articulate […]

Gamers In Beta Podcast 067: Plug-Craft

CapnMikeM is back from PAX Prime 2014 and is joined this week by Jay (MAINEac17) and Aaron (Kailon791).  On this week’s episode of the Gamers In Beta podcast, the fellas spend a good deal of time talking about Destiny, WoW, Diablo […]

Gamers In Beta Podcast 066: Anything Not American

Host of the Gamers In Beta Podcast, CapnMikeM, is joined by MAINEac17 and Kailon791 on Episode 66! New Releases for week of 8/26 – Dark Souls II: Crown of the Old Iron King DLC Madden NFl ‘15 Metro Redux Infamous: First Light […]

DIABLO 3: Reaper of Souls Review |

Written by Ethan Buck | Diablo 3 was my first game of the franchise and although I didn’t know much about the series at first, I found out from other fans what the staples of a good Diablo game […]