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Quick Look w/the Cap’n – Bacon Man (PC) – Alpha Build

Bacon Man Developer: Skymap Games Genre: Platformer, Indie Alpha Build The Hype: We were first made aware of Bacon Man when we attended Boston FIG 2014. Inspired by such classic platformers as Earthworm Jim and Rayman, Skymap Games have crafted […]

Boston FiG 2014: Sizzlin’ with Bacon Man

Fresh of the heels of a successful Kickstarter campaign, Skymap Games brought their meaty platformer Bacon Man to Boston FiG 2014. Bacon Man is a 3D side scrolling action platformer where players will engage in physic based platforming while mixing […]

Boston FiG 2014: Treasure Adventure World

One of the first games we had the pleasure of playing at Boston FiG was Treasure Adventure World by Robit Studios. In this Metroidvania-esque game, players will indulge themselves in side-scrolling platforming action while having the freedom to explore the […]

Boston FiG 2014: Hands-on with Sombrero

Update: This article has been updated since it was published, as we had a few pieces of info incorrect. Tucked in the corner of Boston Festival of Indie games was Sombrero by Pixel Metal Games. Billed as a Spaghetti Western […]