We hope you’ve groomed your axe and sharpened your beard, because Swords & Soldiers II has just released on Nintendo eShop for Wii U™! We’ve been preparing for this day for almost three years and can’t wait for everybody to start playing! To celebrate, we’ve just released our launch trailer (see above).

Swords & Soldiers II is a downloadable 2D side-scrolling strategy game available exclusively on Wii U. The game is available at $19.99, €18.99, or £16.99.

Follow Viking Chieftain Redbeard in an adventure that takes him across the globe (from the snowy peaks of Redbeard’s homeland to the Netherworld and the even more demonic party island Barbeardos), and pits him against the all-new Demon Horde and Persian Army factions.

The world needs some serious savin’, and it looks like the meatloving Redbeard and his local Kebab salesman Al’Yucaneet have an important part to play in events to come.

With Swords & Soldiers II, Ronimo Games seeks to create a serious strategy title in a not-so-serious setting. Don’t let the cartoony visuals fool you – this is a challenging game, and playing it against other players in the local multiplayer mode will result in some serious competition. For younger players and users looking for a more casual experience, the game comes with an optional ‘Easy Mode’.

Source (Press Release)