R-Type Dimensions Review – PS3

R-Type Dimensions was released on May 20th, for the PS3. The game was developed by Tozai Games. A download code was provided for review purposes.

All right retro gamers, a fantastic retro shooter is coming to the Sony PS3 on May 20, 2014. Do you still have nightmares trying to fight off all of the Bydos in the coin operated R Type and R Type II games? Would you like to finally get some revenge?

Your chance comes May 20, when Tozai Games releases the classic R Type Dimensions I and II for the PS3. The game will be available for download on the PSN for a reported $9.99. The download will consist of the 2 full original games as well as HD versions which will consist of enhanced graphics, music and new features.

The classic game plays as hard as this author remembers but once the controls were memorized, havoc was obtainable in this traditional linear shooter. Players can switch between 2D/3D hi resolution graphics and the classic coin op graphics at the touch of a button. During gameplay, the player can upgrade weapons by catching the flying upgrades, slow down game play for that precise shot, and fire a spectacular force bomb. With 14 levels for both games, it will take gamers old and new some time to get familiarized with the levels while enjoying thrilling game play. Tozai Games has included a co-op mode to the series for the first time. Whether you are playing in single player or co-op, you can choose between infinite or arcade modes and level select.


After playing for several hours over the course of a weekend, level two was only obtainable. Let this be a warning to you, this game is as challenging as the original coin op game. Retro gamers, you can’t go wrong with this title and new generation gamers who are looking for a different challenge, try R Type Dimensions for PS3. It is guaranteed that your thumbs will be hurting after a few levels and the fire button will be worse for the wear!

Score: 7.5

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