Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
Developer: 2K Australia with Gearbox Software
Release Date: 10/14/2014

Video contains only the first hour of gameplay. We’ll have more thoughts about the game as we get farther along in the game but we wanted to share our initial impressions.

As we mentioned back at PAX Prime 2014, it’s our belief that 2K Australia has done yeoman’s work with this title, as well as the overall care of the franchise. From the 30 minutes we played at PAX Prime to the first hour we played yesterday, the game looks as good as it ever has, runs smooth, and the quirky humor is present, in spades. We’re having a blast with the title and can’t wait to get more game time under our belt. Stay tuned for a full analysis in the coming days.

UPDATED: Below is PC gameplay from the same point as the video above. PC definitely looks and runs a little smoother. For PC, I had the FPS capped at 72 with all other settings on High. A growing concern I have is why the menus look a little squashed and the text is not as a clear one would expect either. Again, stay tuned for more coverage as this is just the beginning of us diving into the game.