Bacon Man
Developer: Skymap Games
Genre: Platformer, Indie
Alpha Build

The Hype: We were first made aware of Bacon Man when we attended Boston FIG 2014. Inspired by such classic platformers as Earthworm Jim and Rayman, Skymap Games have crafted a 3D side scroller full of action. Players will engage in fighting, shooting and lots of jumping. With various food groups present and accounted for, Bacon Man is caught up in a murderous conspiracy in the world of Nomround. The Food Kings have framed him for the murder of his grandfather, Old King Roast Beef. Now Bacon Man needs to clear his name while murdering those who imprisoned him. Man, that is some serious street justice.

In Reality: Skymap Games were gracious enough to send us a press copy of their Alpha build. While certainly not the final product, there is enough here to warrant taking a quick look and sharing our thoughts with you. The press demo is around is 20-30 minutes depending on your platforming skills. During your journey, you’ll see familiar gaming scenarios unfold before you. Core themes of this game are defeating enemies and figuring out how to navigate from one place to another. For those who like their meat with platforming fun, Bacon Man will be the game for you.

Gameplay: Bacon Man plays like a traditional platformer as gamers will have to traverse over a variety of obstacles while reaching checkpoints to progress through the story. As you encounter new sections, there will be enemies in your way. Sometimes it will be as simple as defeating the foe and moving on. Other times, the enemy will become part of the puzzle to move from A to B. Be prepared to kick, punch and combo your way across various treacherous sections. In certain situations, like when you need to combo your way across a section, it may take an extra try or two to perfect what is being asked of you. If we have a complaint, it appears maybe Skymap has gone out of their way to make the game challenging. Certain areas, which will be obvious in the above video, appear to be extended so the gamer has to work just a little harder to reach the section. Unfortunately, the pay off is not as epic as the journey, as the Boss Battles and puzzles were maybe too familiar from other games in the genre.

Conclusion: In the early days of development, Skymap Games have the hallmarks of a cute but often challenging platformer. At this juncture the artwork and narrative appear to be the games strongest attributes. We’ll be curious to see how they address level design, controls, and the overall flow of the game in subsequent builds.

For more information on Bacon Man, you can view their past Kickstarter campaign which is full of information.