TicToc Games are closing in on their target Kickstarter funding goal. With three weeks remaining they could still use some more backers. If you enjoyed the walkthrough video, please check out their Kickstarter page and consider supporting Adventures of Pip.

Adventures of Pip (post-PAX Prime Alpha Demo)
Genre: Action-adventure / Platformer
Developer: TicToc Games

The Hype: TicToc Games are working on Adventures of Pip, which is a side-scrolling action adventure platformer. The main character Pip is a single pixel who can adsorb the pixels of his enemies to evolve into an 8-bit and 32-bit version of himself. When Pip approaches an area which is blocked or needs a smaller version of himself, he can resort back to his single or 8-bit pixel form. Each iteration of Pip has its advantages and disadvantages.

In Reality: Playing the Demo at PAX Prime and now the post-PAX Press demo, we’re hooked on the concept that TicToc has created. However, we’re looking forward to diving deeper into the game as right now we’re left wanting a more exciting game which builds upon this awesome concept.

Gameplay: Once you lock down what version of Pip can do what, the game plays like a dream. The level design is intuitive and there are plenty of items in the environment to use to your benefit to move past certain areas.

Conclusion: The press demo was enjoyable and certainly easy enough to grasp for anyone who has played an action-platformer in the past. TicToc does a good job of explaining the backstory and introducing the game’s basic control scheme. We would have liked to seen what the benefit was for collecting all the orange pixels. It felt whenever we needed to increase in size, an enemy would appear who we then could use for transforming to a larger version. Do the enemies appear so frequently because we have already banked enough pixels or can the pixels be spent at an in-game vendor/store? The combat felt satisfying but there was zero challenge. We’re curious to see how boss battles play out and will the amount of enemies on-screen increase. Lastly, we enjoyed the the collectable aspects such as rescuing citizens and unlocking treasure chests, although we’re still waiting to see what long-term benefit they have in-store for us.