A game we covered back in the early days of the site is Wrack by Final Boss Entertainment. Brad was kind enough to join us way back on episode 28 of the podcast and since then we’ve run a few more articles about the game, plus a Quick Look video as well.

While walking the floor of PAX South 2015, I happened to run into Brad and the booth for Wrack. We chatted for a few minutes and watched a bunch of gamers take their turn at the FPS fun. Now it’s been since November of 2013 when we really last played through the game and at that point the game was still in Early Access. Fast forward to the very end of September 2014 and the game emerged from Early Access and fully released on Steam.

From a visual standpoint, the game looks much more crisp and detailed with the Borderlands-esque cell shading. However, what I remember from the Early Access days was how well the game played. From the reactions of those in attendance, they too were commenting on how well the guns and other assorted weapons felt.

If you’re a fan of old-school FPS games like DOOM then this is the PC game for you. When I return from TX, I look forward to giving this another spin and we’ll be sure to record another walkthrough for those who might still be on the fence. In the meantime, check out their page on Steam and see if you can set some speed running records.