If you happened to stroll by the Gunnar Optiks booth at PAX South, you not only got a chance to pick up some sweet new gaming glasses but also a chance to play New Blood Interactive’s game Super Galaxy Squadron.

New Blood Interactive is headed up by Gunnar Optiks’ Director of Marketing, Dave Oshry, who also happens to be the guy who brought Rise of The Triad to Steam back in 2013. We got our chance to play a little of Super Galaxy Squadron at PAX South and post-PAX and this game is a fun fast-paced space shoot’em up (or a shmup as the hip kids like to say). Editor’s note: I’m not hip, never will be hip and thus I will forever refrain from uttering the phrase shmup. The game has been developed by¬†Psyche Studios and is a vertical shooter where hordes of space ships come at you in a hurry. Of course, in order to survive, you need to do your best to avoid all the incoming enemy fire. For hardcore veterans, there is a hardcore mode. Otherwise, the rest of us can play the game in normal mode and still benefit from a challenging experience but take advantage of the “merciful difficulty curve and forgiving health system”.

The game comes with 14 playable ships, each with their own set of attributes, which adds variety to the title and replay value. During the course of gameplay, there are six stages, many different types of enemies, and of course boss battles. The best feature in the game, in our opinion, is how the game has persistent weapon upgrades that carry through levels, which makes your ship a complete bad ass in later stages. For those who like their chip-tunes, the soundtrack has been crafted by Random Encounter. The game also comes with an Endless mode and controller support. But most importantly all proceeds from the sale of Super Galaxy Squadron are being donated to the Child’s Play Charity.

Super Galaxy Squadron is being sold on Steam for $7.99 and there is a 15% discount through January 30.