We last covered Undead Labs’ Moonrise back in September at the end of PAX Prime 2014. Here in San Antonio, Undead Labs are back on the show floor showing off the latest build of their mobile title, Moonrise.

Just prior to PAX South, the team at Kabam and Undead Labs released a developer diary where members of the development team talk more in-depth about their RPG creature collecting, battling game. One of the people featured in the game is Jeff Strain, who is the founder of Undead Labs.

In the video you’ll hear from different members of the team talk about the beauty of the world of Moonrise, as well as how the regions of the game are unique from each other, and how the combat system is different from other games as it is in real-time and involves the wardens of the creatures.

For our impressions on Moonrise back in September, please click here.