If you like side-scrolling 2D, team-based, arena combat, then Rustbucket Rumble is your kind of game. The developers are Reactor Zero and they just announced their new title prior to PAX South 2015. The game is currently up on Steam Greenlight with hopes of a late February release.

In Rustbucket Rumble, robots rule the world. The action is fast paced 3v3 Team Deathmatch with some minor objectives. When the battle starts the objective is to kill your opponents and then recycle their used parts to build your larger robot. Players will quickly try and bring the used parts back to their base before members of the opposing team stop you or worse. The devs like to call this game “capture the robot”.

Before the match starts, players will have the ability to choose from six robots who have different sets of skills and loadouts. Gameplay is fast-paced with tons of opportunities to run and gun. Each robot has a different special ability which can alter the course of the match. Once the robot has been built, the team with the giant robot needs to then defend their giant while it tries to destroy the opposing teams base. Matches are quick, hectic, and lots of fun.

“Making Rustbucket Rumble has been a blast in large part because we have been building it for release through the Steam Greenlight community,” said Reactor Zero founder Matt Toschlog. “We took inspiration from some of our favorite games over the past couple decades to create a game with old-school, pick-up-and-play appeal but enough depth to keep discerning gamers like us coming back for more. And we have robots galore. Big ones!”

We enjoyed our time with Rustbucket Rumble and look forward to see how it progresses over the next month. We’re eager to see how the cross-platform multiplayer works, if there will be any other modes, and how many different arenas will ship at launch. Again, for more info, head on over to their Steam Greenlight page.