Nestled in the Indie-Mini-MEGABOOTH was Anisoptera Games with their spaceship building and combat game, Reassembly. The team of Arthur Danskin and Peter Brown explained to us their early memories of building spaceships out of LEGOs and how those moments never really left them from childhood thru adulthood.

Reassembly features three main components: Building, Ecosystem, and Combat.

For those who like to build, you’ll fine a designer which has familiar parts as if you were building with LEGOs. The editor is friendly as it features familiar methods like copy, paste, and undo. The team recommends potential pilots be conscious as to how they distribute the blocks so to craft a ship which is dynamically sound. Due to the nature of combat, it is vital for players to protect the ship’s most essential parts and if need be, build redundant systems incase one of them fails due to damage.

reassembly_gamersinbeta02The world of Reassembly features what many would expect to see in space. Items like spaceships, stations, and the occasional lifeforms. Pilots have the ability to engage in conflicts with other groups or if overwhelmed they use their thrusters to run away to fight another day. During space travel, it will not be unusual for AI ships to collect resources, conduct repairs, travel the ecosystem, multiply, and behave as AI are opt to do.

Finally, what we’re all waiting for is the combat system. Sure it is fun to build these ships but it just as much fun, if not more, to destroy ships in air. Pilots can fire weapons such as “beam weapons, missiles, rockets and torpedoes, deployable drones, and more.” Be warned as AI will fire back so your ships should come equipped with various forms of armor like shields, a point defense system, as well the ability to maneuver during combat. Like most space games, repetition and preparedness will be the best way to develop skills and strategy tactics.

Early today, Reassembly’s Kickstarter campaign kicked off.  The team is seeking a base goal of $28,000 to properly fund the game. Other stretch goals will include more music, gamepad support, an addition of more blocks to the creation palette, and the inclusion of a new faction.

Reassembly’s Kickstarter runs through the end of the month. Click here to read more on their Kickstarter.