Sumo Digital is largely known as a studio that has worked on franchises such as Forza Horizon, Little Big Planet, Sonic, Crackdown, and now Snake Pass. Having met David Dino of the Sumo Digital team, he informed us that Snake Pass came to fruition from a internal game jam at Sumo Digital . With a company of around 400 employees, Snake Pass is compromised of a team of 20 people.

When you think of going to conventions like PAX East, you always envision being wowed by the glitz and glamour of the AAA booths, with long lines and often adrenaline pumping music. But the wise person seeks out the lesser known hidden gems, such as Snake Pass. Sure, on the surface this might seem like a kid’s game, and it is to a large extent, but this is a title I think any gamer can enjoy.

Snake Pass is being billed as an action-puzzle game. You play as a colorful snake called Noddle, with a Hummingbird sidekick called Doodle. As you slither, curl and climb through 15 levels over four different worlds, players are tasked with capturing three gem stones to complete a level. However, it’s not as simple as it sounds, as each level gets progressively more difficult with obstacles, different objectives, and environmental challenges.

The thing that makes Snake Pass unique and thus charming is the fact that you’re actually controlling a snake with what Sumo Digital calls “Snake Physics.” You must “think like a snake” to contort Noodle around the levels. You’re are pretty much free to tackle the level as you see fit. There were very few areas that you could not climb up or around on. You can choose to tackle levels with a fast paced slither or a slow methodical pace; the developers leave it up to you. The demo level we played seemed to be maybe one of the earlier basic levels. When you watch the above trailer, you can see the levels do get more intricate as you proceed. We can’t wait to try some of the levels that require you to interact more with the environment, such as levers, tubes, and water.

The wait for this family-friendly adventure won’t be long as Sumo Digital will be releasing Snake Pass on March 28th. The game will be released on day one for Nintendo Switch, Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows 10. The gamer with fine tastes and high demands will be happy to know that Snake Pass will also have PS4 Pro enhancement and Xbox Play Anywhere support at launch. For $19.99, Snake Pass seems like a game that you can not only enjoy with your children, but also a title that will stimulate the most ardent puzzler.