PAX East 2014: State of Decay: Lifeline

State of Decay from Undead Labs was the shot in the arm that XBLA needed back in June of 2013. Later in the year, they released State of Decay on Steam for PC as well as their first DLC entitled Breakdown. Combined sales between XBLA and Steam have tallied over 1 million copies of the game. One would assume because State of Decay was the 2nd fastest selling game on XBLA that it made logical sense for Undead Labs and Microsoft to partner up on a long term deal. As of January 2014, both parties announced that they signed a deal that will be for multiple years as well as multiple titles. So this kinda, sorta brings us to April 2014, what are Undead Labs working on now?

I had the pleasure of being at PAX East this year and as luck would have it Undead Labs was in Boston to show off their new DLC for State of Decay called Lifeline. This will be the second DLC for State of Decay and it is slated for a June 5th release.

Unlike the Breakdown DLC, Lifeline contains story based missions. The events of the DLC happen at the onset of the outbreak, which means Lifeline takes place prior to the plot of the base game. Players will control a military group called Greyhound One who have orders to find and then protect a group of scientists. Leaders in the military are going on an assumption that these possible scientists can provide insight into the outbreak as well as ways to put an end to it. Like characters in the main game, the new ones that will be introduced in Lifeline will also come with certain skills, weaknesses and a back story.

At the beginning of the mission, you are dropped into a new base that is contained for a short amount of time with a high chain-link fence. From here you can search the base for supplies and other necessary items but at the same time you want to be cognizant that zombies will start to attack the base. Lucky for you, this DLC does come equipped with a variety of new weapons and ways to defend the base. Players will be tasked with locating the targets, bringing them back to the base so they can rendezvous with an escape helicopter. Be warned that the intensity of the zombies will pick up so you must rescue everyone safely or else you could lose the mission.

Overall, fans of State of Decay should be thrilled with the fact the DLC contains more story based missions. It was exciting to be placed at the beginning of the outbreak and to get hands-on time with new characters. The new weapons felt great and the headshots were equally as satisfying as ever before. Lifeline will be released on Xbox 360 and PC on the same day, June 5, 2014.