Not every game you encounter at a large show like PAX East has to be on a grand scale. The charm of these fan expos is going off the beaten path and looking for that gem in the rough. See where I’m going with this? Off the beaten path, Road Not Taken. Get it? Good!

Spry Fox has been working on Road Not Taken for sometime now. Originally, the game was slated to be released at the end of 2013 but here we are almost at the end of April and the game is still being worked on. And why is that? Well, Road Not Taken is now slated to come out on the PS4, PS Vita, and Steam. This will be Spry Fox’s first console game so they’re taking a little extra time to make sure everything is as awesome as can be.

So what is the game about? First, the name is taken from a famous poem by Robert Frost called “The Road Not Taken”.  And for the team at Spry Fox, the game has some personal meanings. It is a bit introspective and reflective of what happens when you don’t follow the normal course that people are suppose to take in life. What happens when you deviate from the tried and true formula? What happens when you take the Road Not Taken?


As for the game itself, Spry Fox is not giving out too many secrets as how to play the game. They want you to figure out your own path. What I can tell you is that at the core this game is a rogue-like puzzle game. One thing I noticed after a few games is that no two play sessions played alike. Each time there was something new I discovered that I didn’t encounter in the previous play session. This kept gameplay fresh and the mind humming. I should warn you though that if you can’t handle failure than maybe this game is not for you. Be prepared to die, a lot, and that’s OK as it is a learning experience. To go astray from a successful formula, you must be willing to take risks and deal with failure. Like in life, this game will get more complex before you truly have a handle on the gameplay. Now, I did not play long enough to unlock many things but for those who have the time, there will be dozens of hours to sink your teeth into, which should be ample time to unlock new encounters and maybe some boosts along the way too, no?

Spry Fox’s booth had steady flow at PAX East. Young and old sat down to play the game. Some came for the free poster, while others just watched. Regardless of their reason, each attendee carved their own path to catch a glimpse of Road Not Taken, and we suggest you do the same.