Krautscape (Early Access) Preview – PC

Krautscape was released for Steam Early Access on March 31, 2014. The game is being developed by Mario von Rickenbach and published by Midnight City. It is currently available for $7.99 on Steam. A early access code was provided for preview purposes.

Krautscape is a multiplayer Arcade racer that attempts to forge its own path. The game features Online, LAN, and Split Screen (up to 4 players) options and three varied race types which are Snake, Ping Pong and Collector. What sets this game apart from past arcade racers such as Wipeout is a flight mechanic (gliding) for the cars, and the way in which the race track is generated, on the fly, as the race is running.

The lead players position on a section of track determines the next section of track which is built, allowing the leader to determine if the next section of track is straight, a slight curve left or right, or a sharp curve left or right. The game also features track hazards which can be enabled by driving over a section of the track. These hazards come in the form of giant fan blades, jumps, walls and even loops.

The flight mechanic is basically gliding, the cars do not have any active thrust to gain speed while gliding so flight is best achieved via gaining a high speed on the track. The beauty of this mechanic, when combined with the serpentine route that the tracks tend to take, is that it can allow someone behind in the race to jump off the track, glide, and land back ahead of the pack to start gaining points again.

Controls for the cars are on the arcade side of things, but equal use of the gas and brakes is required to keep your car on the track. Bumping of your opponents is a viable option to possibly spin them out, or force them off the side of the track.

No true single player modes to be found so you will want to bring some friends along for the ride.  The game does feature a practice mode so that you can become accustomed to the mechanics of the game at your own speed.


The Snake game mode is a standard race where the lead player is awarded a point for each section of track they are in the lead. Ping Pong features a track thats generated the first time, and then the players need to traverse back and forth across that same track, adding more with each pass. Collector awards points for going off track to fly through targets scattered around the track.

The graphic style could probably best be described as minimalist, there is no highly detailed terrain rushing by during the race. This style allows the tracks to be front and center as the main star of the game.

Krautscape is currently an Early Access Game on Steam, available for PC, Mac, and Linux, published by Midnight City. Controls are Keyboard or Gamepad.

  • Smug0ne

    Besides the great controls, there are two reason why I love the Wipeout series. One, the amazing graphics, which it sounds like Krautscape doesn’t have. The second thing is a great soundtrack…how does Krautscape hold up in this regard?

  • I don’t think you can compare the two really. Wipeout is an established franchise with a team of people working on their games. Krautscape is a one man show with the occasional help from others.

    As for graphics, I really enjoy the art style of Krautscape. It’s not bland or dull, it’s unique and maybe too artsy for some. The controls are adequate for this game, the layout of the courses, I feel, are the main aspect of the game.

    The music is a lil on the artsy side as well, I’d say it’s somewhat electronic/trance in style.

    Quick look video here: