King Oddball review (PS Vita)

King Oddball was released on February 4, 2014 for the Sony PS Vita. The game was developed by 10tons. A download code was provided for review purposes.

Having been released on nearly every device known to man, 10tons’ King Oddball has made it’s way on to Sony’s handheld, the PS Vita. Who is this King and why does he have it out for the humans? This is not explained but it is clear why he is an oddball. Possessing no body and sitting in the sky like a menacing full moon, King Oddball dawns head wear that looks to be made of rock, maybe moon rock? His skin complexion does not look healthy, nor does his extra long purple tongue. It’s clear the King is mad and he comes equipped with his own ammo.

The King is no dummy as his extra long tongue is used a pendulum. With rocks wrapped around his tongue, the King awaits players to tap the screen or press X to strike the targets below. Interestingly enough these said targets below are tanks, attack helicopters, and army soldiers but they do not dare attempt to fight back. It’s almost like shooting fish in a barrel except that some levels come equipped with obstacles that will require planning.

At first glance, one could easily compare King Oddball to Angry Birds as they are both physic based puzzle games. However as one progresses through the early levels and then graduates to the more difficult levels, it becomes clear that you need to strategically target where you’re dropping these rocks to cause a chain reaction. It is important to build combos as not only can they take out more targets at once but you can earn extra rocks, gold rocks to be precise. For every three combos, players will earn one gold rock. Also, you can earn extra rocks if any of the debris hits the King. But be warned that too many hits to his dome and the level has been failed.

There are 120 levels in King Oddball as well as some secret levels but even those don’t stray too far from the core gameplay. Levels have a unique “eccentric” art style to them which look exceptionally cool on the gorgeous OLED screen of the PS Vita. Once a level has been beaten there is no replaying that level as the King does not concern himself with leaderboards or stars. He is about winning and nothing else.

King Oddball is a charming mobile game ported over to the PS Vita. What you see is what you get. It’s a simple game built on a simple premise. 10tons knew they didn’t need to waste time with a back story or confusing mechanics. Instead they deliver a fun relaxing game at a reasonable price. Set your expectations accordingly and you’ll enjoy it as much as we did.