On Thursday, September 18, Zero Point Software will be adding the long-awaited co-op mode to Interstellar Marines.

Fans of the tactical FPS like Rainbow Six will be drawn to Interstellar Marine’s old school tactical style of play. The team at Zero Point software have been talking about their co-op play for quite some time and this week players will get their chance to see how their brand of tactical gameplay works with co-op role-playing elements. The game is set in a futuristic time but still believable. Players will play the role of an elite soldier who has been handpicked to join a top secret military project called Project IM.

Interstellar Marines has existed in some form or another since 2006 but in 2013 activity in development peaked as the developer released the game into Steam Early Access. Since the early access launch on July 2nd of 2013, Zero Point Software has enjoyed a large fan base as approximately 150k players have downloaded the game. In a recent meeting at PAX Prime 2014, we were able to talk to talk with Carsten Boserup who is the Community & PR manager for Zero Point. He explained the co-op will contain the prologue which is an 8 to 10 hr non-linear experience. Co-op will be an online experience with the possibility of local co-op coming later.

Interstellar Marines is currently $18.99 on Steam. For those who join the Early Access, they’ll get access to the game but also any subsequent updates and expansions, such as the co-op expansion releasing on Thursday.

Look for further impressions once we get our hands on the co-op expansion.