hive_jump_gamersinbetaFresh off a great showing at PAX Prime 2014 in Seattle, Graphite Lab has parlayed those essential booth visits into a now successful Kickstarter campaign. With less than a day left on their campaign, the team has already crossed the base funding threshold and are now counting down the timer to see if they inch past any of their stretch goals.

Hive Jump is a 1-4 player co-op experience where gamers will indulge in a sci-fi action platformer where strategy meets run-and-gun gameplay.

The team at Graphite Lab cite games like Spelunky and XCOM as influences on their alien combat game. In order to have a successful jump, players must reach the hive queen and defeat her. Now how you get there is not the easiest of tasks. Along the way, players will jump and blast their way through alien hives while killing foes, collecting resources, and avoiding traps to make it to the queen.

Besides fast action platforming, the game comes equipped with co-op multiplayer which allows for 2-4 local or online play. Of course, for those lone wolves, their is a single player experience. Levels are procedurally generated and some will contain modifiers which will offer up further obstacles like levels soaked in the darkness. Like any rogue-like experience, the game does have permadeath but players who have kept their transponder on and intact will respawn where they perish. If the responder does get destroyed, you are out of lives. Weapons are upgradeable and feature such items as pulse rifles, flamethrowers, as well as various bombs. For those who like challenges and want to further upgrade their arsenal, then the team suggests exploring the challenge rooms for lost relics. Lastly, the game features “pixel-perfect dynamic lighting” and gamepad support.

Once ready, Graphite Lab will be releasing Hive Jump on PC, Max, Linux, and the Wii U.