Gamers In Beta Podcast 209: Beat it for Hours

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Here we are with Episode 209 of the Gamers In Beta podcast. With a certain co-host leaving the show and another on a leave of absence, we carry on to deliver you a quality 3-man show.

Listen as we discuss such tops as cosmetic items coming to PUBG, Wolfenstein 2 DLC, Fortnite sales, and Xbox One X pre-orders.

Games mentioned this week are Splatoon 2, Diablo 3, DOOM, PUBG, Lawbreakers, Dead Alliance, Yonder: The Cloud Catching Chronicles, Turning Test, Namco Museum, and more.

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Cosmetics coming to Battlegrounds

Wolfenstein 2 Season Pass and DLC detailed

While Fortnite is going F2P next year, already sold over 500K copies of the game

Xbox One X Pre-orders will go live shortly–450845.phtml

Last week’s QotW:
If you could vacation in any game world, setting, location, etc…where would you go and what would you do?

Question of the week:
How is your gaming and or podcast listening time affected during the summer months?

Question from ShoNuff71:
Since you guys appreciate retro, curious what you think of the Polymega console. If it can deliver as advertised, I’m in like Flynn.

Question from Jake aka Asytole68:
Mike could there be time in this week’s show to hear your opinions on whether you’re obligated to finish games or not?

Voice Mails (508-658-BETA)
Fred French
Air Tunnel Josh

Notable releases:
The Long Dark
Patapon Remastered
Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun

Rainbow Six Siege optimising maps

Dying Light to get 10 Free DLC drops over next 12 months

Destiny 2 Beta on PC, Aug 28

PS Plus Games for August

Splatfest August 4th

GWG for August

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