Gamers In Beta Podcast 206: A State of Emergency

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Here at Gamers In Beta, we’re celebrating the 4th of July by welcoming the whole crew back to the show. For the first time, in a long time, we have everyone here for Episode 206.

Listen as we discuss the announcement of the mini-SNES, Summer gaming sales, the best toppings for hamburgers, and other stuff. Plus, we have a bunch of voice mails and responses to our Community Question of the Week. Remember, our voice mail number is 508.658.BETA

Games mentioned this week are PUBG, Nex Machina, Horizion Zero Dawn, Perception, Obduction, ARK, Puyo Puyo Tetris, and Zelda: BotW.

Mini-SNES –
Everybody is having a sale: Steam/PlayStation/Xbox – anyone buying anything?
Best of E3 Awards:

Last week’s QotW:
What TV show would you like to be seen made into a AAA game?

Question of the week: What is the greatest super hero movie ever made?

Voice Mails (508-658-BETA)
Fred French
Mike Calhoun
Beardy McWhiskey
Maffia Thug

Notable releases:
That’s You
Brawlhalla **NOT OUT**

PUBG and cross play?

Dead Cells receive large u/pdate

GR: Wildlands introduces Tier 1 Mode

Call of Duty: Days of Summer

PS Plus: Free Games for July 2017

Orc Must Die Unchained coming to PS4 on July 18 – Free to Play

GWG for July

Plugs: Sean –,

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