Gamers In Beta Podcast 204 – E3 2017 Part Two (Acclimatize)

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We’re back to wrap up our E3 2017 thoughts (this is part two!). Listen to us carry on about Sony, Bethesda, Nintendo, and Ubisoft. We cover them all and then some.

Plus we throw in our usual listener questions, voice mails, question(s) of the week, and other relevant gaming news. It’s all here on Episode 204. Enjoy!

-ps shout out to Jeremy from Dads Getting Grounded for being with us two weeks in a row.

The Evil Within 2 – 10/13/17
Fallout VR
Skyrim Switch
Wolfenstein: New Colossus 10/27/17
Quake Championships
Dishonored: Death of the Outsider – 9/15/17
Creation club – Skyrim/Fallout 4

Uncharted Lost Legacy 8/22/17
HZD Frozen Wilds DLC – late 2017
Days Gone
God of War
Shadow of the Colossus
Spiderman – 2018
Monster Hunter World
Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite 9/19/17
Lots of VR – people flipping their shit for Moss, plus FF15 Fishing, Skyrim VR, Bravo Team, The Inpatient, Starchild, Superhot VR

Assassin’s Creed: Origins – 10/27/17
Far Cry 5 – 2/27/18
Skull & Bones
Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle – 8/29/17
Beyond Good & Evil 2
The Crew 2
Starlink: Battle for Atlas

Mario Odyssey – 10/27/17
Rocket League
Xenoblade Chronicles
Pokemon RPG
Pokkén Tournament DX
Metroid Prime 4
Fire Emblem Warriors
Zelda DLC
New Amiibos
New Metroid on 3DS

Last week’s QotW:
Part one: What is your E3 prediction that you know is a shot in the dark but yet you’re still praying to the gaming gods that  see come true?

Part two: What did you Like?

Question of the week:  what og xbox game would you like to see come to backwards compatibility?

Voice Mails (508-658-BETA)
Maffia Thug
Fred French

Listener Questions:
My question is.  What is the best thing done in honor of you or gift that your kids have given you on previous father’s days.

Here is one for you, what’s the most embarrassing Dad experience you can recall?  My example, my son was about 4, brought him to the local hair salon for a haircut.  One of the employees was a very dyke-ey looking woman, wallet on a chain, short haircut, combat boots, and she walked out to have a smoke break.  My son finishes his haircut, I go to pay, and in walks the employee, and before she can get out of hearing range my son, at normal volume, says “uggghh daddy that fat man was smoking!”

If you can make only one game for everyone to play. What genre would it be and would it be past, present or future?

E3 question: If you could only buy one game from E3, which would it be?

What’s some good father – son games to play?

You’ve done stupid stuff as an adult. What stuff would you tell your kids to stay away from, what stuff would you turn a blind eye to, what stuff would you encourage?


Ark release date and more

New Atari console coming

Indie / Other stuff shown at E3

PlayLink for PS4

Sony explains why cross-play is a no-go

LawBreakers out August 8 – PC/PS4

At least 5 new games added to game pass every month on the 1st

Avatars getting an overhaul

Reggie provides some answers to Nintendo Online

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