Gamers In Beta Podcast 203: E3 2017 Part 1

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For gamers, the E3 week is really like Christmas in June. So many announcements, and of course, with new releases comes varied opinions. For Episode 203 of the Gamers In Beta podcast, we brought in some A-list opinionators, such as Jeremy from Dad’s Getting Grounded podcast and Mixer streamer, Nick Gamesonthemind. We attempt to cover as much of the EA and Microsoft pressers as we can over the next 90 plus mins. Enjoy!

E3 2017:

Madden – Longshot mode – “inspired by Friday Night Lights”, play as Devin Wade – “Our philosophy [with Longshot] was a playable movie, versus, like, a career mode with cutscenes,”

FIFA – headed to the Switch

Anthem – BioWare, 2018 – shared-world action-RPG

A Way Out
from creator of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
prison-escape action-adventure set in the 1970s
requires two players, either via split-screen couch co-op or online play
“there will be driving, there will be shooting, there will be stealth sequences — … you’ll never be doing the same thing twice, nor for too long”

NBA Live
Back again, August demo

Star Wars Battlefront 2 – November 17
– four different soldier classes
– 20-versus-20 multiplayer ground battles
– Each of the four soldier classes will have three basic abilities … add to them over time using Star Cards.
– All the heroes and all the starfighters are customizable
– all three eras covered
– no Season pass

Battlefield 1 expansion called “In the Name of the Tsar”

Need for Speed Payback – “Heist Mode” – very Fast & Furious look to it (Burnout feeling too)

Xbox One:
Xbox One X – smallest Xbox to date
$499, Nov7 – double the price of an Xbox One S, $100 more than a PS4 Pro (for now)
Crackdown 3 same day
OG BC coming later this year
What is an exclusive these days
PUBG launch exclusive
State of Decay 2 – spring 2018
Minecraft crossplay, 4k update, super duper graphics pack
Sea of Thieves early 2018
Cuphead Sept 29
Life is Strange Before the Storm – Ep 1 of 3, August 31
Best looking games not exclusive: Metro, AC:O, Anthem
35 existing games will be enhanced for free

Other News from this week:

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Axiom Verge headed to the Switch

Fortnite releases July 25 – PC/XB1/PS4

Rebellion announces Strange Brigade, a supernatural co-op shooter

Dontnod’s action-RPG Vampyr out in November

Devolver’s Swords of Ditto out early 2018 on PS4/PC

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