Gamers In Beta Podcast 201: State Farm Chicken

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Happy Memorial Day Weekend to all our listeners. A hearty thanks to all those who’ve laid down their lives so a bunch of nitwits like us can ramble on for close to 2hrs. It’s the unofficial start of Summer, so this episode does feature some expert grilling tips. Your mileage will vary.

As for gaming, sit back and enjoy us discuss topics such as the delay of the gruesome thriller known as Get Even, Far Cry 5’s reveal, and Cliffy B. bringing Law Breakers to the PS4. Also, this week the STFU segment is back while we debate the idea of the PS4 Pro holding the Xbox Scorpio back. Lastly, games mentioned this week are The Surge, Thumper, Mr. Shifty, Dead Cells, Crossout, PUBG, The Division, Voodoo Vince, Prey, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, GTA V, Overwatch, Hitman, Super Rude Bear Resurrection, Dishonored 2, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

Due to Manchester bombings, Bandi Namco delayed release of Get Even
Appropriate response or capitalizing on free advertising

Far Cry 5 reveal:

– Cult in Montana known as Eden’s Gate
– Joseph Seed, the self-styled prophet of Eden’s Gate
– Play game in drop-in/drop-out co-op
– Recruit locals to join the Resistance fighters
– Open world
– Feb 2018

LawBreakers coming to PS4

Last week’s QotW:  What announcement at E3 could make Joe State buy an Xbox One/Scorpio?

Question of the week: Which member of GIB would you take with you in Battle Royale type of Game and why? { PUBG, The Culling, Ark Survival of the Fittest}

Voice Mails (508-658-BETA)
– Fred French
– MeefJ

STFU segment:
News that Destiny 2 will be locked at 30FPS on PS4 Pro, speculation it will be the same on Scorpio, as to not disrupt marketing plan/exclusivity with PlayStation. On Podcast Unlocked, they mention games like CoD, RDR2, SWBF2, FC5, Destiny 2, etc etc all have exclusive marketing deals with PlayStation. Let’s discuss if we’re OK with one console holding back another console (PS4 Pro vs Scorpio) over marketing deals.

Notable releases this week:
Tekken 7
Star Trek: Bridge Crew (VR)
Titanfall DLC
Mafia 3 DLC
The Culling (XB1)

Friday 13th Game having launch woes

Sony hits 70mil active monthly users/ 26.4 PS Plus Members

Beam is now Mixer

Xbox Games Pass out June 1

Games with Gold for June

Monster Hunter headed to the Switch

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