Gamers In Beta Podcast 189: Brushing and Plowing

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Mixing things up this week as we have somewhat of a 40Cast/Gamers In Beta mashup show. Thanks to DeviousMrMatt for filling for some of the other fellas.

This week we discuss gaming topics such as Destiny 2, future of Call of Duty, For Honor, and what makes a gaming stream worth watching.

Games we’ve been playing are For Honor, Dead Rising 4, Battleborn, Fallout 4, MLB the Show ’17, Battlefield 1, The Witcher 3, Fallout Shelter, and more.

Gamers In Beta Podcast 189: Brushing and Plowing

Activision earnings call, what did we learn
– CoD: Infinite Warfare didn’t resonate with fans; series back to roots in 2017
– No Skylanders in 2017
– Destiny 2 in 2017

Last week’s QotW: What makes a game stream worth watching? The game itself? The streamer? Commentary, humor, etc?

Question of the week: What is your Favorite Fighting game of all time?

Notable releases this week:
For Honor
Sniper Elite 4

New Wolfenstein game in the works?

Destiny to receive update to tone down shotguns

Steam Greenlight being replaced with Steam Direct

Mod Support has arrived for Conan Exiles

Fractured But Whole delayed

Episode 3 of The Walking Dead Season 3 out in March

GTA IV not so hot on the XB1

Xbox and Windows Insiders See Beam Streaming, Windows 10 Game Mode and More from the Windows 10 Creators Update This Week

Splatoon 2 beta

Plugs:  Every single Switch game:

In #GhostRecon Wildlands, no matter if you are the host or playing in someone else’s game, the missions you unlock will always be saved.

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