Gamers In Beta Podcast 187: Adventures In Mispronunciations

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On Episode 187, Syd Bolton’s make an appearance to chat about his experience at the Nintendo Switch event in Toronto. Other features include community questions and listener feedback. Plus news items such as Battlefield 1 DLC, Xbox Scorpio Whitepapers, Xbox Unsnapping, & more.

The games that Joe STATE, Jay, and Mike have been playing are Gears of War 4, Hitman, Dead Rising 4, Rise & Shine, Fallout 4, Gravity Rush 2, Yakuza 0, Toby the Secret Mine, and the For Honor Beta

Syd Bolton joins to talk about his hands-on time w/Nintendo Switch

Last week’s QotW: (submitted by Mafia-Thug): How long have you had your gamer tag? And, if so inclined, explain why your gamer tag is what it is?

Question of the week: What makes a game scary for you? Setting, noises, characters, etc?

Listener question from BucksSugafree: do you guys watch video game montages? If so what ones? Is there one that’s your favorite for editing, music, or clips?

Notable releases this week:
Hitman: The Complete First Season
Divide (lonely sci-fi dungeon crawl)

Mass Effect: Andromeda 10-Hour Trial Coming A Week Before Launch, But Not For Everyone

Resident Evil 7 Ships 2.5 Million, Pushes Series Sales To 75 Million

DLC 4 “MONTANA AND THE DEMON BEAR” is incoming to Battleborn

Battlefield 1 details on They Shall Not Pass DLC

“Reaching 4K and GPU Scaling Across Multiple Xbox Devices”

Gears of War 4 gets Xbox One vs. PC cross-platform play

Microsoft Is Removing Xbox One Snap Mode And Here’s Why

Dead Rising 4 update adds Street Fighter costumes and new difficulty mode

Rocket Knight and Shadows of the Damned join backwards compatibility


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