Gamers In Beta Podcast 183: Nerding All Over the Place

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Happy New Years from the Gamers In Beta Podcast!

It’s good to be back recording after a brief hiatus over the holidays. With a new year upon us, we discuss what we’re looking forward to gaming and movie wise in the year 2017. Other topics discussed are overpriced statues, strippers, and free games.

These are some of the titles we’ve been playing recently: Star Wars Battlefront, Battlefield 1, Nier: Automata, Shadow Warrior 2, Bastion, Watch Dogs 2, Splatoon, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Titanfall 2, Let it Die, Hitman, Shovel Knight, Friday the 13th, Savage Lands, and GTA V.

– How were the Holidays? Any noteworthy items under the tree?
– What are we excited for in 2017? Games, movies, TV shows….
– $2000 Statue for Kojima Productions Revealed, Only 150 Being Made

For Honor CE comes with a 14” statue

Windows 10 is getting an updated Game Mode feature so games run at their best

PS Plus Games for Jan

GWG for January

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