Gamers In Beta Podcast 178: Staying Power

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Happy Thanksgiving to all our US listeners and those around the world celebrating the holiday. From our families to yours, we wish you all the very best this Holiday season.

It’s our pleasure to welcome back to Gamers In Beta, Syd Bolton. You might know Syd from The OMG Hour / Lost Treasures, as well as being Canada’s leading video game collector and historian. It’s always a fun time when Syd joins the show.

Topic this week include: the demise of the Titanfall franchise, Nintendo Switch, and our impressions of the Fall video game releases. We cover a lot over the next two hours; enjoy!

Catching up with Syd – pacman tourney

Titanfall 2 and the future of the franchise:

Switch rumored to be sold for $250 and some launch games

Not many new releases left this year, pleased with the Fall releases?

Community Question of the Week:
If you could pick any other console to get the “NES Classic” treatment, what would it be and what are a few of the games you’d want on it?

Community Question for next podcast:
With the recent world events, especially in the US, there has been lots of talk of people moving. What video game city/world/planet would you like to live in?

Notable releases this week:
Darksiders Warmastered

Dishonored 2 getting New Game+ and custom difficulty settings

PS4 Pro gives BF1 MP advantage

Fallout 4 mods now on PS4

1year Anniversary for SW: Battlefront – Rogue One DLC and FREE VR mission

Darksiders Warmastered supports PS4 Pro

360 BC games getting rebranded XB1 cases

Plugs: Low-Poly art by Ben Regimbal –

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