Gamers In Beta Podcast 176: Engineered for Deliciousness

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What is this!?! Joe STATE back on Gamers In Beta? You heard it right, Joe had some free time this week to chat with us about all the latest video game news. Plus we talk tattoos, soda, and fanboys!

Games we’ve been playing are Burly Men at Sea, Battlefield 1, Gears 4, Titanfall 2, Seraph, COD:Infinite Warfare, Splatoon, Knight Squad, Evolve Stage 2, ARK: Fear Evolved 2, and Outlast 2.

– Extra Life Update
– COD:Infinite Warfare purchased via Win10 can’t connect to Steam users **cheaper on Win10
– Facebook Gameroom now available to download
– EA responds to criticism for releasing Titanfall 2 so close to BF1 and COD

Community Question of the Week:
What is your definition of “Fanboy”?

Community Question for next podcast:
What video game characters should be elected as President and Vice President?

Listener question: Holy Goalie @gamergoalie from Game Hounds
If You all were soft drinks what would you be?

Notable releases this week:
Dishonored 2 — November 11 (Xbox One, PS4, PC)

Turtle Rock has released the unfinished Left 4 Dead campaign, “Dam It,”
Download it here:

Double Fine to publish Knights and Bikes, “co-op adventure about childhood” Inspired by The Goonies and ’90s JRPGs.

Necromancer is the new playable class coming to Diablo 3 in 2017

Mafia becomes fastest selling 2K game, beats out Bioshock and Borderlands

PSN Toolbar now available on

Bastion headed to Xbox One next month

Plugs: The Story of Rocket League:

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