Gamers In Beta Podcast 174: Speculatively Speaking

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What a week last week was for gamers! With announcements of Red Dead Redemption 2 and the Nintendo Switch, we spend a bulk of our time discussing both news items. Also, what is it with all these Friday releases? Does anyone know?

Extra Life is just a few weeks away so we welcomed Dave (aka Robop1g) of Good4Gaming onto the show to talk all about Extra Life 2016.

Games we’ve been playing are Gears of War 4, Battlefield 1, The Orange Box, and The Flame in the Flood.

– Red Dead Redemption 2
PS4 players get first access to earn select online content // No PC version
Questions: 7 player co-op? No John Marston?

– Nintendo Switch
?s: price, no touch, BC, battery life, memory, diff in visual between base/handheld

Why so many Friday releases lately? Mafia 3, Titanfall 2, BF1, Gears4, Skyrim

Community Question of the Week:
Best gun in any video game (in honor of gow4 lancer)?

Community Question for next podcast:
What was your fav Halloween Costume?

Notable releases this week:
Skyrim Special Edition (PC version free if you own game and 3 DLC packs)
Farming Simulator ’17

United Front Games closes

The Last Guardian has gone gold

Sony gearing up for PS4 Pro launch w/more spec details

Three more games now Backwards Compatible, incl The Orange Box

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