Gamers In Beta Podcast 173: Gritty In All The Right Places

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Welcome to Episode 173 of the Gamers In Beta podcast. This week we have a longer than usual show as we discuss new releases like Gears of War 4 and Battlefield 1. We also talk about Rockstar Games teasing us with their tweets about Red Dead Redemption, our thoughts on the Star Wars Rogue One trailer, and is it too late for Activision to release a Skylanders cartoon, even if star studded.

Our interview this week is with Michelle and James Silva of Ska Studios. They’re the devs behind games like Charlie Murder, Dishwasher Vampire games, and most recently Salt & Sanctuary.

Thoughts on the Star Wars Rogue One trailer
What is the meaning of Rockstar’s latest tweet?
Skylanders Academy – original Netflix series – too late? Or …

Community Question of the Week:
If you could see one comic book turned into a video game, or the other way around, what would it be?

Community Question for next podcast:
Best gun in any video game (in honor of gow4 lancer)?

Interview with Ska Studios: James and Michelle …

Cuphead delayed till 2017

Notable releases this week:
Batman: Return to Arkham
Battlefield 1
The Bug Butcher
Skylanders Imaginators
SteamWorld Heist

Steam Link headed to certain TVs

DS4 controller support headed to Steam

PSVR can be used on PC/XB1/WiiU

PSVR being sold at profit

3 more games added to BC

Article: I wore a dragon tail for a week

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