Gamers In Beta Podcast 149: Rinse and Repeat

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Thankfully PAX East 2016 is in the rear view mirror, but first we do have some final thoughts to share with you all. Listen as Mike (CapnMikeM) and Jay (MAINEac17) go it alone this week without Joe and Corey. Final PAX discussion includes topics such as Cuphead, Hyper X, Skreens, Total War: Warhammer, and meeting up with our podcast community.

Games discussed this week are: Alienation, Shadow Warrior, Rocket League, Deathstate, The Division, Dead Space, and Layers of Fear.

Community Question of the week, for next week is:

What makes you rage quit a game?
If you have, do you go back and play it again?

– PAX East 2016 Thoughts

Community Question of the Week:
With Pax East just wrapping up, What do you expect/want from a Gaming convention?

New Releases for week of 5/3:
PC/XB1/PS4: Walking Dead Michonne Finale – already out – adventure – Telltale Games
PC/XB1/PS4: Battleborn – Shooter – Gearbox Software
PC/XB1/PS4: Fallout 4’s Ultra-Tough Survival Mode – RPG – Bethesda
PC/XB1/PS4: Overwatch Open Beta – FPS MP – Blizzard
XB1/PS4: Coffin Dodgers – Racing – Milky Tea Studios
PS4/Vita: Azkend 2: The World Beneath (+ Trial & Cross Buy) – Match 3 – 10tons Ltd
PS4/Vita: Neverending Nightmares (Cross Buy) – psychological horror – Infinitap Games
PS4: Shadow Complex Remastered – side scroller – Epic Games
PS4: Buff Knight Advanced – 2D Pixel RPG – Buff Studio
PS4: The King of Fighters 2000 (PS2) – Fighting – SNK – July 26, 2000
PS4: The Park – first-person psychological horror adventure – Funcom
PS4: Push Me Pull You – 2-4 player sports game – House House
PS4: Table Top Racing: World Tour (free w/PS Plus) – racing – Playrise Digital
Vita: Ray Gigant – JRPG – Bandai Namco
XB1: Superhot – FPS – Superhot Team
Ecotone – action-adventure – Sundae Factory
Kathy Rain – detective adventure – Raw Fury Games
Fragments of Him – interactive narrative experience abouting coping with death – Sassybot


Call of Duty Infinite Warfare LE to include MW1 campaign & 10 maps

Ubisoft lays out plans for cheaters and bug exploits

Maximum Games to no longer fix Alekhines Gun, instead will focus on Lichdom Battlemage

PS Plus games for May

Games with Gold for May

MS has plans to launch new hardware at E3

Quantum Break on PC has been patched

Gears 4 Ultimate Edition allows players to play 4 days early

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