Gamers In Beta Podcast 148: Warm Cookies

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Welcome to Episode 148 of the Gamers In Beta Podcast. This is our Pre-PAX East 2016 show.

On this episode, all of the usual co-hosts are present and accounted for. Joe and Corey are back from their trip to NC, where they visited with BossKey Studios to check out their game LawBreakers. While we can’t discuss the details of the game just yet, we did manage to talk about their experiences on the trip.

Other topics this week include: PAX East expectations, Gears of War 4 MP footage, and our community question centered around pre-ordering games.

Games discussed this week are: Dark Souls 3, The Division, Quantum Break, Enter the Gungeon, Rainbow Six Siege, Ratchet & Clank, Battleborn Beta, and more.

– Housekeeping stuff: contest, upcoming shows, itunes reviews, etc
– LawBreakers experience
– PAX East expectations
– Thoughts on Gears 4 MP footage

Community Question of the Week:
Do you pre-order Games?
If not what convinces you to buy a game.
Reviews, word of mouth,or price drop?

New Releases for week of 4/19:
Masquerade: The Baubles of Doom – action-adventure – Big Ant Studios
Lumo – isometric adventure – Rising Star Games
PS4: Invisible, Inc. – stealth adventure – Klei
PS4: Lichdom: Battlemage – first-person caster – Maximum Games
PS4: Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse – platformer – WayForward Technologies
PS4: Koi – adventure and exploration – LandShark Games
PS4/PC: Loud on Planet X – arcade-style indie music – Pop Sandbox
PS4: Pang Adventures – Balloon Buster – DotEmu
PS4: Arcade Game Series: Dig Dug – Bandai Namco
PS4: Arcade Game Series: Galaga – Bandai Namco
PS4: Arcade Game Series: Ms. Pac-Man – Bandai Namco
PS4: Arcade Game Series: Pac-Man – Bandai Namco
PS4: Blues and Bullets (Episodes 1 and 2) – Action-adventure – A Crowd of Monsters
Vita: Axiom Verge – Metroidvania – Thomas Happ Games
XB1: Gears of War 4 MP Beta – shooter – The Coalition
Wii U: Star Fox Guard – Tower Defense – Nintendo
Wii U: Star Fox Zero – Shoot ’em up – Nintendo
The Collider 2 – physics-based puzzle – ShortBreak Studios
Ice Lakes – ice fishing simulator – IceFlakes
IS Defense – shooter – Destructive Creations
Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code – fighter – Arc System Works
Megamagic – action-adv – BeautiFun Games
Battlefleet Gothic: Armada – RTS – Focus Home Interactive
Eternal Destiny – Strategy – Office 5856
Rogue Stormers – fantasy action – Black Forest Games
PC/Rift: P.O.L.L.E.N. – first person exploration – Mindfield Games

Red Dead Redemption 2 Map leaked

Studio Wildcard and Trendy Entertainment settle lawsuit

Sony coming to PAX East with 20+ games

Gears of War 4 MP Beta kicks off on 4/18

Fallout 4s Rocket 69 in Forza 6

The Division’s latest patch is deleting characters on Xbox One

5 titles added to backwards compatibility list:
Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project
Garou: Mark of the Wolves
Sonic the Fighters
Doom 3: BFG Edition
Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine

New Xbox One Models

Remedy acknowledges major issues with Quantum Break on PC

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