Gamers In Beta Podcast 096: Somewhere Between Up and Down

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Episode 96 of the Gamers In Beta podcast features an interview with the developers at Slick Entertainment. The three man team from Vancouver are busy working on their upcoming lane-based brawler, Viking Squad. We met one of the developers, Jesse, at PAX East 2015 and from there the groundwork was laid to have him and the rest of the team join us for an interview.

Also, our friend Dave, Robop1g, sent in a question and he wants to know our thoughts on how we can better police the ever growing misbehavior which takes place online. We do our best to chime in with our thoughts on the situation. Other than that, the show is packed with the usual content such as what we’ve been playing, new releases for the week, and some insightful news from the past week.

Go support Dave’s (Good4Gaming) 8Bit Salute Team for Operation Supply Drop.

New Releases for week of 4/7:
Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin – Action-RPG – From Software / Namco Bandai
Etrian Mystery Dungeon – 3DS – JRPG – Atlas
Bastion – PS4 – RPG – Supergiant Games
Monster Bag – PS Vita – puzzle platformer IguanaBee
Tower of Guns – PS4/PS3/XB1 – Arena FPS – Terrible Posture Games
Aaru’s Awakening – PS4/PS3 – 2D Action Platformer – Lumenox Games
Element41 – PS Vita – puzzle platformer –  I-Illusions
Krinkle Krusher – PS4/PS3/Vita – Lane Defense – Ilusis Interactive Graphics
Stealth Inc 2 – PS4/PS3/Vita – open world exploration – Curve Digital
Affordable Space Adventures – WiiU – Stealth Puzzle Exploration – KnapNok Games/Nifflas
Xenoblade Chronicles 3D – N3DS – RPG – Monolith Soft

Interview: Slick Entertainment – Viking Squad

Hey guys, do you think that our use of gamer tags contributes to the crappy online behavior of a segment of the gamer population?  Do you guys make use of any of the reporting mechanisms available in XBL or PSN to report misbehaving gamers?  Any hope that someone will come up with a good system for managing gamer behavior or will we always have this issue plaguing online gaming?

Arkham Knight pre-order DLC stars Harley Quinn (prequel to AK)

AC Chronicles

MK8 to get 200cc mode update on April 23

Geometry Wars Evolved released

Spotify released for PS4/PS3

Batman bundle, plus AK to run at 1080p on PS4

OnLive shutting down on April 30, selling assets to Sony

Trials Fusion – After the Incident DLC out

Final piece of DLC for Sunset Overdrive released

Xbox One and how it does a poor job conserving energy

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