Gamers In Beta Podcast 200: Radioactive Meat Flaps

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Well, we made it to 200. I guess that’s something, right? But seriously, a sincere thanks to all who’ve contributed to the show over the last (almost-ish) 4 years. All the various co-hosts, guests, listeners, contributors, etc., it has been my pleasure to steer this ship for this many episodes. I look forward to delivering you more in the future, as we continue to grow this community of friends as well. Thanks for taking the time each week to hear what some simpletons like us have to say. I didn’t expect it to last this long and I didn’t expect so many of you to care either. You humble me, while continuously stoking the flames of creativity.

Featured stuff this week: Community Question of the Week, GiB Trivia Show, and Voice mails.

Games mentioned on Episode 200 are: Splatoon 2, Destiny 2, ARMS, PUBG, EarthFall, NBA Playgrounds, Prey, Demon’s Crystals, Farpoint, What Remains of Edith Finch, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Zheroes, Yooka-Laylee, Thumper, Shadow Warrior 2, Super Rude Bear Resurrection, Forza Horizon 3, and maybe more.

– Thoughts on 200 Episodes?
– Splatoon 2 Single player details
– Destiny 2 Announced
PS4/XB1 and PC (unsure if release date will be same)
More story this time around
Four sorta planets, Earth and some moons of planets
More stuff to do
Orbit cutscenes are gone
No New classes; 3 new sub classes
Loadout appears to be exactly the same
MP goes from 6v6 to 4v4 (smaller team format)
No matchmaking for raids/strikes – instead Guided Games
Not on Steam, via
No dedicated servers
No character progression xcross platforms
won’t run 60 FPS on PS4 Pro

Last week’s QotW: What originally brought you to Gamers In Beta and what keeps you listening?

Question of the week: What announcement at E3 could make Joe State buy an Xbox One/Scorpio?

Voice Mails (508-658-BETA)
Arnold’s cousin
Fred French
Chaufie – Games We Don’t Play cast
Maffia – and co

GiB co-host game show:

Notable releases this week:
Friday the 13th: The Game
Portal Knights

“The Witcher” coming to Netflix not Theatres

Lego Marvel Superheroes 2 out Nov 14, Switch closer to Holiday

Watchdogs 2 1.15 update

Ghost Recon Wildlands’ second expansion, Fallen Ghosts, releases on May 30

Nex Machina headed to PS4/Steam on June 20

Is Scalebound really cancelled

Owlboy headed to Nintendo Switch

Global Testpunch dates for ARMS

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