Gamers In Beta Podcast 169: Axes and Chests

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You like games? I mean, do you really like games?!? Cause on Episode 169, we talk a shitload about a lot of games. This is a gaming podcast after all.

Listen as we discuss the Boston Indie Game Festival, PC woes for The Bioshock Collection, impressions of the For Honor Closed Alpha, and more.

Games we’ve been playing are: ReCore, Forza Horizon Demo, Conga Master, Mother Russia Bleeds, Woven, Destiny, For Honor Closed Alpha, Don’t Starve Together, and others too.

Boston FiG impressions
Bioshock Remasters slammed on PC

Community Question of the Week:
What is your preferred media format for watching movies at home?

Community Question for next podcast:
What game do you consider to have the best story?

Listener Feedback/Follow-up from Denny Luce:
Thanks @GamersInBeta for your professional and objective coverage of the PS4 Pro…the best I have heard and I really enjoyed all the input. My thoughts on free DLC for early access was thinking as appreciation for helping them iron out the game and providing income to them before they even have a full featured functional game…so yes it could a be real world option 🙂

Games that start with the Letter…. H
5 questions

Notable releases this week:
3rd piece of paid DLC for Star Wars Battlefront, called Battle Station
Destiny – Rise of Iron
Batman Telltale Games – Children of Arkham
Firewatch – XB1
Severed – Wii u
ForzaHorizon 3

All of Battlefield 4’s Major Expansions Are Now Free on Xbox One, PS4, and PC

Change your tag (for the 2nd time) for a $10 fee

Valve removes Digital Homicide’s games from Steam

PS4 4.00 is out

New Resident Evil 7 demo

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