Gamers In Beta Podcast 083: CapnMikeM’s Holiday Interview Extravaganza

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Studio: Ska Studios
Interviewees: James and Michelle
Working on: Salt & Sanctuary – PS4
Interview starts at: 1:23

Studio: Super Soul
Interviewees: Richard and John
Just released: Speakeasy – PS4
Interview starts at: 50:50

Studio: Chainsawesome Games
Interviewees: Jean
Working on: Knight Squad – Out on EA for PC, coming soon to Xbox One
Interview starts at: 1:15:00

Studio: Red Hook Studios
Interviewees: Chris
Working on: Darkest Dungeon – EA on Feb 3 (PC), PS4 & Vita mid-2015
Interview starts at: 1:38:25

Studio: Phantom Compass
Interviewees: Dave and Jamie
Just Released: Rollers of the Realm – PS4, PS Vita and PC
Interview starts at 1:57:15

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Direct Download to Episode 83