Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series – Ep 3: ‘The Sword in the Darkness’ was developed by Telltale Games with assistance from HBO Box Office. This episode was released on March 24 at a cost of $4.99. A code was given to us by Telltale Games for review purposes. The above video is the third-episode in its entirety and thus contains spoilers.

Episode One picked up from one of the more iconic moments in the Game of Thrones lore; the Red Wedding. Fast forward to Episode Three and we see more “backstage” moments from classic moments in the TV series. In order to get invested in the Game of Thrones series by Telltale, I felt the series needed these familiar characters and story lines otherwise the experience can feel too disconnected from the main story. And in typical Telltale fashion, they have carefully constructed their story to mesh seamlessly with the work of HBO and George R. R. Martin.

To start Episode Two, Asher Forrester was located by his uncle Malcolm. Now that he understands the dire situation back home at Ironrath, Asher, his friend Beskha, and Malcolm have set out to leave Yunkai and locate an army to bring home to square off with the Whitehills. With the Lost Legion hot on their tails, Malcom thinks it’s best for them to try navigate their way out of town by descending into the caves. Where one situation seems to prevent them from imminent capture, another more dire situation appears as a familiar creature of Daenerys Targaryen makes an appearance. Asher’s allegiance is constantly tested throughout the episode and it becomes clear his leadership abilities were not just rumors. If he can make his way back to Ironrath, one would think the Whitehills will receive swift and just punishment at his hands. But then again, nothing is ever that cut and dry in Game of Thrones is it.

Another significant chunk of time of Episode Three is spent at the Wall following the rite of passage of Garrett Tuttle. Shortly after becoming part of the Night’s Watch, he is paid a visit by his uncle who happens to be making a delivery of shields and spears for the soldiers. His uncle uses this time to talk more about the last words uttered by Lord Gregor and how this could be the key to saving House Forrester. Tuttle helps piece some of the puzzle together but is ambivalent about carrying out certain obligations in fear of breaking his oath to the brotherhood. One starts to feel for the ex-squire as every time he seems to be on a path of righteousness someone comes along to test his mettle. The ending of Episode Three is the culmination of pent up emotions and Episode Four seems to have big things in store for Garrett.

Back home at Ironrath, Rodrik is still healing from the significant wounds he suffered at Rob Stark’s wedding. With his house almost in ruins, an unwanted visitor in Gryff Whitehill arrives to oversee the Whitehill soldiers. Arrogant and entitled, Gryff makes it clear to Rodrik that the tables have turned and the Whitehills are now in charge. They now take residence inside the main house at Ironrath and have decimated much of the Iron Wood trees. While trying to maintain peace and civility for the common good of his house, he learns not everyone in his own family can be trusted. This piece of unsettling news comes from an unforeseen ally in the Whitehill camp. Rodrik is now faced with the challenge of keeping this news to himself while trying to use this new friendship as an advantage.

The last story line in Episode Three follows poor Mira, the handmaiden to Lady Margery. She finds herself in a confusing relationship with many characters in King’s Landing. Many people want to help her like the coal boy Tom, Tyrion, and even a representative of the Whitehills. Unfortunately for every person who comes to her aid, there are others who would like to see nothing more than her suffer. She loses Tyrion once he has become the prime suspect in the poisoning of King Joffrey. This significant event sets off a chain of chaotic scenes were she quickly tries to distance herself and her family from the stout Lannister. It will be interesting to see if she has the resolve to weather the storm that follows her or if she will become another Forrester to perish while trying to save her house.

Episode Three was a wild ride and the action and implications were more intense than previous episodes. One can’t help but feel for the Forresters at this point as it seems their backs are up against the wall at every turn. Asher and his story line seems to be the best hope for Ironrath but with him being so far away you can’t help but wonder if it will be all for not. Episode Five of the TV series kicks off in just a few days. By the judge of the previews, fans are in for an awesome albeit off-script experience. I’m curious to see if, by not wrapping up this game series before the launch of the TV series, it will help or hinder what Telltale has accomplished so far.