Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series – Ep 2: ‘The Lost Lords’ was developed by Telltale Games with assistance from HBO Box Office. This episode was released on February 3 at a cost of $4.99. A code was given to us by Telltale Games for review purposes. The above video is the second-episode in its entirety and thus contains spoilers.

With season five of Game of Thrones upon us in just mere days, we’re taking the time over the next 24hrs to review Episodes Two and Three of the Game of Thrones series by Telltale Games. What you’re about to read are our impressions from episode two, ‘The Lost Lords’. At times, it may contain spoilers but we will do our best to limit these occurrences.

Episode one, Iron From Ice, introduced us to House Forrester, the loyal bannermen of House Stark and the owners of Ironwood, the best wood in the seven kingdoms. Their allegiance to House Stark has made them pay a severe price. At the infamous Red Wedding, Rob Stark and his legions of men were ambushed and slaughtered. Very few, if any, of the men escaped alive, which was a near lethal blow for House Forrester. Lord Gregor Forrester and Rodrik Forrester were at the wedding and are presumed dead. A once proud house has now been brought to its knees by Roose Bolton, the Warden of the North, and their rival house, The Whitehills. Enemy soldiers now maintain a presence in the courtyard, ensuring there is no obstacle from them taking the precious Ironwood from the Forresters. In upcoming episodes, it is rumored that Lord Whitehill’s son Gryff will soon arrive on the scene, which looks to cause the family even more harm. However, a once assumed lost family member makes a surprise return. Although weakened, this family member is now the Lord of House Forrester and thus provides the family with a glimmer of hope as they settle in for very dark days.

With a weakened house, Lady Forrester has but no choice to send her brother after an exiled son. Asher Forrester is one of the eldest children and has a reputation for being a natural skilled warrior. Instead of rising to prominence in his own house, he was sent away for falling in love with the enemy’s daughter. Tough times call for drastic measures and Lady Forrester is hoping her son can return home with an army in tow to turn the tide against the impending doom her house is facing. Episode two kicks off with the uncle reaching Asher and he is more than happy to see a blood relative. Throughout the rest of the episode, Asher is hell bent on finding a worthy army that will accompany him back to Ironrath.

The Lost Lords episode is very reminiscent of its TV counterpart. There are many story lines and the episode goes back forth from each with ease. Lady Mira who is a hand maiden to Queen-in-Waiting Lady Margery tries to do her best to convince the royal family to help House Forrester. Clearly by asking the Lannisters to help a loyal house to the Starks is not the best move for her safety and therefor she has ruffled a few feathers. She also finds herself trying to broker a deal where House Forrester will sell their Ironwood direct to the King, circumventing the Whitehills from getting a cut. The walls of King’s Landing are closing in on Mira and she is quickly losing any alliances she might once have had before her family fell on hard times.

Lord Gregor’s former squire, Garrett Tuttle, has been sent to the wall for killing some of the men who murdered his own family. In episode two, he arrives at the wall and quickly learns of the harsh realities of his new life. The temporary commander of the Brotherhood of the Knight’s Watch, Frost Finger, is a mean spirited haggard character who doesn’t take well to new recruits. Tuttle tries to do his best to lay low but some of his new brothers cause issues which land Tuttle in hot water. Amongst the chaos and uncertainty of his new life, Jon Snow proves to be a calming influence on Tuttle as he starts out his training.

Episode Two builds off the foundation laid by the first episode, ‘Iron From Ice’. The story lines have advanced some but certainly not favorably for the Forresters. Their house is very much in upheaval and a lot of long shots need to pan out if they have a chance of surviving the days and months to come. The Lost Lords episode is classic Game of Thrones as it is full of political manipulation, sowing the seeds of revenge, and a hefty dose of brutal killings.

Stay tuned for the review of Episode Three shortly.