Endless Legend Preview – PC

Endless Legend was released for Steam Early Access on April 24, 2014. The game is being developed and published by Amplitude Studios. It is currently available for $34.99 on Steam. A early access code was provided for preview purposes.

Endless Legend is a beautiful take on the strategy genre, and has a lot of promise to be a standout title in due time. You control an empire in multiplayer matches against AI, and eventually human opponents. Endless Legend presents it’s gameplay in gorgeous streamlined menus and fantastic art direction. It’s quite surprising how much effort they put into the small details of the game, such as the notification system, which runs so smoothly from turn to turn.

You start off each match in a randomly generated world surrounded by danger. As your turns pass you establish your town and grow it into an empire. Your heroes and armies do your bidding and entangle with other NPC factions and enemies a like. You can build up your home base any which way you’d like. You also research different technologies, allowing for your empire to evolve.

While out and about your armies can complete faction quests, which are kind of like your main story, and also side quests which just randomly spurt up along your adventure. The inclusion and execution of these quests really make for some great gameplay. They add an extra element to the army side of things to match the impressive city building leg.

The art and look of Endless Legend is splendid. The game is fantasy based, and uses this to place you in a time where tall mountains and dark caves need to be explored. The animation is fluid and overly detailed which adds a welcome touch. All the characters are interestingly designed which breathes life into the tale that you are telling with them.

As your empire grows, you begin to feel more powerful and that you have more control over the world. This ramp up in power makes you feel like you are making progress, which is great, but it left me thinking that after more and more matches the early game will start to lag, as you are given little to do during your opening turns.

Endless Legend is just as the title commands, you are in control of your own sprawling story. The devs over at Amplitude have given us masterful controls to tell our own conquering stories, now it’s up to us to shape the worlds to our liking. Beautiful fantasy art sets the mood, and the gameplay and interface design knock it out of the park.